Pot n Lock

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With many at-home safes or lock-boxes, their appearance is obviously a safe. With the Pot ‘n’ Lock, your belongings are hidden securely in plain sight as what appears to be a planter. Using touch-sensors, the buttons to unlock the safe are flush against the pot blending into the aesthetic design. For anyone besides the owner, this is just an ordinary house plant. This project for Introduction to Smart Products was to design a smart product using Arduino and sensors we learned about through the semester. This was definitely an interesting learning experience working in a team dynamic while being scattered 100s of miles from one another due to campus closure. Overall, we were able to keep good communication and collaboration. It was a great chance to improve my skills in prototyping with circuits and coding. Although far apart, we developed a concept for a discreet safe that can be staged as home decor.

Tools Used:

fusion 360.png

Fusion 360




Arduino IDE